Tenom Fatt Choi Coffee is founded by Mr.Foong Choon Sang in the year of 1983. Besides, tfc coffee was launched in 2014, the first cafe opened in Tenom town to provide a cozy environment for locals and tourists to enjoy freshly-made Fatt Choi Coffee.



Tenom Fatt Choi Coffee Tour

Experiencing Tenom Coffee Making with Fatt Choi Coffee Tour

When you come to Tenom, besides of buying the local coffee, you can also get your hands on to experience coffee roasting by signing up to Fatt Choi Coffee Tour. The experience takes about 2 hour. The tour consists of activities such as visiting coffee farm and coffee factory, roasting coffee, brewing coffee.

Remember to end your tour with a cup of fresh Fatt Choi Coffee at tfc coffee located in town.

For Malaysian: RM38 per pax, Non-Malaysian: RM50 per pax. Booking in advance is required.
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